"Radioactive - Handle with Care" Black T-Shirt

420 kr
  • Warning: our "Radioactive - Handle with Care" t-shirt screams "caution" with a mischievous grin 😏
  • Crafted for comfort and style it features radioactive symbols that humorously warn the world to handle your radiating presence with care.
  • Showcase your scientific spirit, wear it with pride, and let your radiance glow ☢️

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"Radioactive - Handle with Care" Black T-Shirt

420 kr

"Nucular" White T-Shirt

420 kr

A fusion of brains and style, and you're at the forefront

Our tees ensure you experience the ultimate comfort.

Every design tells a tale of science and curiosity.

More than just a t-shirt, it's a conversation starter!


As a nuclear physicist, I've seen the beauty of science and wondered why it couldn't inspire the clothes we wear. When wearing our threads, you're not just making a statement, you're being part of a community that celebrates knowledge and cares for the planet. It's for thinkers, innovators, and anyone who loves to ask "why? 🤔" 

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Wear the Change 💚

No overstocked warehouses or landfills here. Each shirt is printed on demand, meaning we only make what you order, when you order it. This approach helps us reduce our carbon footprint, conserve resources, and lead the charge towards a more sustainable wardrobe.


Ensuring minimal waste and sustainable production, only what you order is what’s made


Fusing science with style, our designs celebrate the beauty of knowledge and discovery

Super Cozy

Comfiness that feels like you're wrapped in a cloud of electrons

Word on the Street

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The T-shirts are comfortable with good quality graphics. The graphic designs are perfect for science nerds and those who want to show support for nuclear power.



it's nice to find shirts that speaks to to the geeky part of my personality. I've never had a way to show this side of me until now. Working in the field, I get to wear my nerdiness proudly and spark conversations about the topics I'm passionate about. 



Fantastic addition to my wardrobe. It's stylish and comfortable, and I appreciate that it's made on demand, reducing waste. Whether you're a science enthusiast or simply looking for a unique shirt, this one's a great choice.

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